Fire Damper Validations

We offer a specialist service; professionally inspecting, validating and maintaining all types of fire and smoke dampers, ensuring they are fully functional and compliant with specification to ensure the safety of everybody in your building.

All operatives are competent and have received health and safety training, fire damper installation and testing training and we as a company are accredited by NAADUK, IFC and CHAS.


Upon survey, we inspect each damper individually to ensure that they have been installed correctly and are compliant to specification which includes ensuring they are; accessible for testing, installed correctly as per the manufacturer’s installation manual, with correct fixings, with independent bracketry support if required and that the correct type of damper is installed in the correct wall type.


Fire damper testing requires a visual inspection, followed by a fire damper drop test. Our operatives carry out the tests, dropping and resetting each damper individually, stickering and referencing each damper in accordance with construction drawings. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued to client, along with a fire damper drop test report conveying which dampers have passed and if any have failed.

It is an obligation to annually test each fire/smoke damper in a building for health and safety purposes as per ‘BS 9999’.

As a requirement of ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’, it is the employer’s responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems.

BESA Issued VH001 Technical Bulletin in March 2021. VH001 provides a summary of the standards required of Fire & Smoke Dampers and the requirements for testing these on an annual basis by a competent person in conjunction with BS9999:2017.

At ACB Ltd we can undertake this specialist inspection, testing and maintenance requirement for you.

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